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BofA Biometrics // "In a pig's eye!" // Volunteerism Trend

People are taking a stand for liberty by saying "In a pig's eye!" to corporations like Bank of America when asked to provide biometric data like thumbprints to complete a simple transaction.  Katherine shares a few stories demonstrating the emerging trend toward individuals saying "No" to privacy invasion.  She exhorts listeners to band together and use their negotiating power to take on the corporations.  The hour ends with a brief commentary on the inherent danger of volunteering for research that, in the end, will strip people of their freedom.

Nashua Telegraph:  Thumbing their noses (article)

Alzheimer's Patients Targeted for Medical Implant Experimentation

Spychips (Amazon)

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John Taylor Gatto // Compulsory Schooling

Despite a reputation to the contrary, American schools are working, exactly as they were designed to.  Katherine invites John Taylor Gatto back for an eye-opening and somewhat disturbing look at the educational system in place today and its shocking history.

John Taylor Gatto

Weapons of Mass Instruction (Amazon)

Dumbing Us Down (Amazon)

The Underground History of American Education (Amazon)

Mr. Gatto's resignation letter

The Worldly Philosophers (Amazon)

The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin (Amazon)

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