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Mainstream Media // RFID

Katherine opens the show praising South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's consistent and staunch opposition to the PASS Act.  Using an article discussing that issue, she segues into a deconstruction of the mainstream media's methods and their impact on the news cycle.  The hour ends with a call by Katherine to proponents of liberty to "create a crowd" that gives voice to the stories that matter but are oft ignored by traditional news sources, followed by a light-hearted follow-up to Wednesday's request for pest-control tips.

"SC Governor Sanford Raises Concerns over Federal REAL ID/PASS ID law"


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Derrick Jensen

Derrick Jensen is considered by many to be a leading voice of cultural dissent.  He and Katherine take a step back from the race to cultural collapse and discuss the pathological behavior that has become commonplace in our society.  Derrick explains that people treat others according to how they see them.  He shares examples from his experience teaching in a prison.  Prolific readers and writers, Derrick and Katherine reflect on books that have deeply affected them

Derrick Jensen

San Francisco Chronicle article mentioned by Derrick

1984 (Amazon)

The Tracker by Tom Brown, Jr. (Amazon)

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn (Amazon)

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