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Education // Discernment // Milk // Breast Cancer //

Katherine warns us about relying on stories on the internet or elsewhere.  She walks us through the story she received in her email alleging that Asian women did not get breast cancer because they did not ingest milk or other dairy products.  Go to PubMed to check out medical stories you hear.  Contrary to the story, there is no dairy and breast cancer correlation.

Prof. Jane Plant: Cure Breast Cancer by Avoiding All Milk Products


Dietary patterns and breast cancer risk among Chinese women.

Dairy consumption and calcium intake and risk of breast cancer in a prospective cohort: the Norwegian Women and Cancer study.

Consumption of dairy and meat in relation to breast cancer risk in the Black Women's Health Study.

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Jan Carpman // Directional Sense //

Can you get back from there?  Can you even get there?  Some of us are directionally challenged.  Jan and Katherine discuss some stories where people were overly reliant on a GPS device that led them astray.  Jan shares strategies to help all of us to have a better directional sense.

Directional Sense - How to Find Your Way Around

How not to get to Straddie

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