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Good News Friday // Metamorphis // Party Crashers // Ice Cream // Olive Oil // Speeding Ticket // Stunning Photos // Shentrition //

Welcome to another Good News Friday.  Katherine discusses the fascinating lifecycle of the butterfly including the incredible actions involved in the metamorphis process from caterpillar to butterfly.  A brief commentary on the party crashers on the front of Time and Rep. Bob Barr ensues.  A huge ice cream trade show is being hosted which leads to Katherine's discovery of frightening flavors.  Olive oil protects the liver.  Man gets world's biggest speeding fine.  National Geographic has stunning photographs of its 10 year sea census.  Remember the Shentrition special through Sunday for buy one get one half price - coupon code KMA.  Thanks for the email from Mariah.

Good News Friday - November 5, 2010

How Caterpillars Work

Harrogate host major Ice Cream trade show

101 Frightening Flavors from Around the World

Olive Oil Shown to Protect Liver

Word of the Day - HEPATIC

World's Biggest Speeding Ticket

13 Stunning Photos from 10 Year Sea Census


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Dr. Sean Mackey // Love Eases Pain // Photographer Cat //

Sean talks to us about the association between love and pain and surprisingly found that love eases pain.  Cooper the Photographer Cat has his humans tell us about his adventures and the pictures taken along the way.

Dr. Sean Mackey (bio)

Pain Management Center - Stanford University

Viewing Pictures of a Romantic Partner Reduces Experimental Pain: Involvement of Neural Reward Systems

Cooper the Photographer Cat

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