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Revolution // Control Through Culture //

Katherine has a thought provoking hour discussing revolutions and how highly independent peoples are conquered by taking over their culture and food supply.  Afghanis and Americans are both hard to conquer through force. It is easy when you make the people fat, tired and stupid and hijack their culture.  Who has taken over our culture and destroyed our food supply?  The same people that set up the Federal Reserve.  See Sally Fallon about the dangers of soy and John Taylor Gatto about the dumbing down of American education.  Thanks for the email from Quince.

Katherine's Show With Sally Fallon On The Dangers of Soy

John Taylor Gatto

The Underground History of American Education

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Philip G. Zimbardo // The Demise of Guys //

Wow!  What an hour!  Katherine and Philip discuss what has happened to boys and why they are struggleing growing up in today's society and what happens to turn good people bad.  The Stanford prison experiment is a classic example.

Philip G. Zimbardo

Heroic Imagination Project

Stanford Prison Experiment

The Lucifer Effect

The Demise of Guys

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Stickin' To You - Eric Bibb
Understanding - Bob Seger
Be The Change - Corey Smith

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