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Dr. Olle Johansson // Electomagnetic Radiation //

Katherine and Olle talk about the adverse impacts on the body of exposure to electromagnetic radiation.  The radiation soup we are exposed to comes from cell phones, wireless devices and other electronics.  Such radiation has been tied to headaches, vision problems, cancer, and reduced fertility. Microchips may cause cancer by the environmental exposure which they pick up and amplify.

Olle Johansson (bio)

Cell Phone Industry Sweating Bullets - Scientist's Research Cancelled

Karolinska 'Nobel Prize' Institute threatens work of noted wireless safety researcher 

Chip Me Not

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Brain Backups? // Google Microchip // Teen Books //

Katherine asks if you would be willing to "back up"  or download your brain.  Google wants to have microchips to read your thoughts.  Teen books are scary with the occult messages they send.  Thanks for the email from Laura.

Humans able to back up their brain and its memories within two decades, claims top scientist

Eric Schmidt: Google gets close to "the creepy line" - Google Microchip?

Barnes and Noble - Teen Books

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