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Tax Day // Fire in the sky // Watch your trash //

Tax Day has finally arrived (for better or for worse!) and Katherine is interested to learn if listeners tend to take care of their business with the IRS early, or if they, like her, wait until the last possible moment.  She then talks trash, rather, she gives tips on how to dispose of it properly (think shredding!) and touches on a couple of stories in the news including an airborne fireball and volcanic ash in the skies of Europe.

Aaron Russo's America:  Freedom to Fascism (YouTube)

Good News Friday on linkli.st

'Shred It, Don't Forget It!'

'Photos: Travel chaos as ash closes air space'

'Volcanic ash: all flights over Britain cancelled until tomorrow'

'Meteor sightings across southern Wisconsin'

'Discarded Palin contract sparks investigation'

"Shadow Government" (Amazon)

Brave New Books

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Encore Presentation!

Corrie ten Boom remembered //

Twenty-seven years ago today Corrie ten Boom joined her Father in heaven after living a heroic life here on earth.  In honor of her memory, Corrie's good friend and companion, Pam Moore, joins Katherine for a conversation about the stories surrounding the ten Booms' dedication to saving the lives of the persecuted during WWII.  A truly heartening interview.

Corrie ten Boom (Wikipedia)

The Corrie ten Boom Museum

Corrie ten Boom (Bookshop)

Pam Rosewell Moore (bio)

"We Are Not Alone" by the Sharon Singers (via Anabaptist Books)

Why Forgive? by Johann Christoph Arnold (free e-book)

Corey Smith (music) on MySpace

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