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Microchips //

Katherine relates the woeful stories of non-working microchips in pets.  Microchips cause cancer, migrate and often do not work.  A family complied with EU requirements for vaccinations and microchips when travelling from the UK to France.  France couldn't read the chip so the dog is in quarantine and neither country will let the dog in.  In VA, a dog's chip was not read so it was put to death because the owner relied on the chip and called the shelter minutes too late.  A woman was arrested for buying cold medicine three times in one week for her son and daugher-in-law.  Thanks for the email from Vince (IN).

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Stacy Malkan // Dangers in Personal Care Products //

After recent shows discussing the dangers in our food and cooking equipment, Katherine turns her gaze on  toxins in our personal care products in a riveting discussion with Stacy Malkan of Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and author of the book Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry.  Toxins hide under such innocuous names as fragrance and include alltergens and hormone and endocrine disruptors such as phthalates.  Best to simply avoid products with fragrances and known problem chemicals.  Dr. Bronner and Aubrey Organics have been a leader in trying to make safe personal care products.  Thanks for emails from Judy, Mariah, and Tory.

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