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Alternative Treatment // Kim Tinkerham // Complementary Treatment // Cancer Charlatans //

Cui bono?  Who benefits?  Alternative treatments offered by cancer charlatans are resulting in horrific deaths from easily treated cancers. Katherine addresses the case of Kim Tinkham.  Even Oprah was horrified.

Katherine's show on Cancer Charlatans - Monday March 25 2013

Kim Tinkham, the woman whom Oprah made famous, dead at 53

Cancer Angel On The Couch 03/07 (YouTube)

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Cancer Charlatans // Kim Tinkerham // Dr. Robert Young // Mammograms // Utah //

Katherine continues on with her discussion of Kim Tinkerham, alternative treatments and cancer charlatans.  Mammograms are linked to lower risk of dying from breast cancer.  Look at the rates of white women nationally versus in Utah.  Thank for the call from Shawn (Austin) and the emails from David, Patrick and Laurie.

Caring for Kim (Facebook)

A horrifying breast cancer “testimonial” for “holistic” treatment 

The role of geography in low mammography screening rates and late-stage breast cancer diagnosis in Utah

Distribution of Breast Cancer Stages in the Population

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