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Cancer Update // Anguilla // I Won't Take the Mark //

Katherine updates us on her cancer treatment status.  Katherine recaps her trip to Anguilla where she distributed her children's book I Won't Take the Mark.  Check out Sand Sheff's song Beautiful Island.  Beware of the people around you - one in 25 is a psychopath.

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Anguilla Highlights (vimeo)

Celebrating Anguilla’s Christian Heritage

I Won't Take the Mark

Sand Sheff

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We need to worry about not only implantation of RFID chips but also inclusion in everyday items such as Driver's Licenses.  You also need to worry about how your data is sent and maintained.  Using a US based email service (even if the data is stored overseas) seems to make the government think they can seize it.  Also storing the data in the cloud has the same issues.  Use StartPage or IxQuick for searches and StartMail for your email.

RFID Tag - You're It

Take Action - California: Protect Your Driver License Privacy

California: Protect Your Driver License Privacy

Chip Implants Linked to Animal Tumors

Drive-by reader for RFID drivers licenses and passport cards



Roll up, roll up: Microsoft, those Irish emails and angry Feds

Federal appeals court set to hear Microsoft ‘cloud’ case

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