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Exercise // Sony Walkman // Chocolate // School Uniform Trackers // Biometrics Banned //

Katherine reminds us of the importance of exercise to our physical and mental health and reminisces about her early days at the gym with a Sony Walkman.  Some good news - eating lots of dark chocolate helps people stay slim.  Brazil has put trackers into school uniforms to moniter attendance.  Biometrics use by law enforcement is banned in France.

Chip Me Not

No Cards


Giving up my iPod for a Walkman

Eating lots of chocolate helps people stay thin, study finds

Locator chips keep track of students in Brazil


French Constitutional Court Bans Law Enforcement Use of National Biometric ID Database

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Deirdre Marie Capone // Al Capone //

Katherine has a lively discussion with Deidre about her uncle Al Capone.

Uncle Al Capone

Al Capone (wiki)

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