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Bibles // Superbook //

Katherine updates us on her upcoming trip to Anguilla to distribute her new children's book and Bibles.  She discusses issues with the Superbook Bible Adventures.

Superbook Kids

Superbook - Gizmo's Bible Adventures (pdf)

The New Superbook: taking Bible animations to a new level! (YouTube)

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Joe R. Garman // Prison Outreach // Arm Outreach Prison International

What an amazing show.  Joe talks to Katherine about how they reach out to prisoners and try to bring the work of God to them.  Among many things they do is to supply Bibles and conduct Bible study correspondence courses.  Katherine reminds us that this is agood program to consider tithing to.  

Arm Outreach Prison International

3605 N. Main, Joplin, MO  64801
Mailing Address:  PO Box 1490, Joplin, MO 64802
Phone 417-781-9100    Fax  417-781-9532

Arm Outreach Prison International

American Bible Academy and Resource Center

Reaching Prisoners with the Gospel of Christ

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