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Gender Differences //

Katherine discusses some fascinating recent research on the differences between males and females.  Studies on boys and girls show that girls have more sensitive tastes, like warmer rooms and have different brain responses to pain.  From birth girls focus on faces and boys on motion.  This leads to trouble in trying to educate boys in a female environment.  In adults the males have a flight or fight response while females have a tend or befriend response.  Thanks for the email from Theresa.

The Real Difference Between Boys and Girls

Sex Differences in Visual Scanning During an Object Individuation Task (pdf)

"Shadow Government" (Amazon)

"Shadow Government" via Endtime Ministries

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Jane Doe // Off The Grid // Social Security Number // Income Tax //

'Jane Doe' joins Katherine to discuss many issues including social security numbers, income tax, and living off the grid.  Jane says do not accept what government tells you what the law is - read it yourself.

Liberty Works Radio Network

Social Security Number (wiki)

Irwin Schiff (wiki)

How a Group of International Bankers Engineered the 1929 Crash and the Great Depression

The Hidden Evil:  The Great Depression Was Deliberately Created

Katherine's Show with Sherry Peel Jackon (Hr 2)

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