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Good News Friday // Drone Downing // Marissa Mayer Twins // Flappy Birds // Insulin // Bat'leth // Swearing // Diamond //

Another Good News Friday to celebrate.  Although a woman had to pay for downing a drone, she found that she could declare her property a no-fly zone and have the police deal with the drone.  Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has had her twins.  Flappy birds was withdrawn because of its addictive nature.  Stem cells may forestall the need for daily insulin injections. Trash dispute involves a Bat'leth.  Liberals swear more than conservationtives.  A huge diamond has been found.

Woman Downs Neighbor’s Drone With Gravel, Ordered To Pay $600

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer gives birth to identical twin girls - but will she still have a job to go back to after her two-weeks maternity leave?

Here’s the real reason Flappy Bird was removed

End of daily injections for diabetes as scientists restore insulin production

Klingon Sword Brandished In Trekkie Trash Dispute, Cops Say

Vicks on the Soles of Your Feet Is Better Than Diamonds on the Soles of Your Shoes

Left-wingers swear more, Twitter study claims

Lucara Diamond

1,111 Carat Gem: Massive Diamond Unearthed In Botswana Is World’s Second Largest

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Jill Miller // King of Kings //

Previous guest Jill Miller joines Katherine to discuss her new album, King of Kings.  Amazing.  Take a listen. Jill's second full-length CD of Christmas music has already been called, "An epic compilation of the most beautiful Christmas music in decades.”

Jill Miller Music

Katherine's previous interview with Jill

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Christmas // Gifts // Shaming // Brookstone //

Do not go into debt for Christmas.  Katherine shares some ideas for inexpensive thoughtful gifts.  We need to reverse societal trends by social shaming.  Winona Ryder with Tim Burton in "The Killers"?  Don't see it - shame it.  Look at Brookstone's Rover - it is a remote spy device that is hackable.

Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank

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Phillip Telfer // Media Discernment // Violence //

What an insightful hour!  Phillip joins Katherine to discuss the impact media has on us and the critical necessity for our discernment.   In the mass shootings all played violent video games - a subset of all playing such games.

Media 101

Video game addiction (wiki)

Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition PC review


What Wouldn't Jesus Do?  Media Choices in the Light of Following Christ

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