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Good News Friday // Silent Rooms // Connected TVs // Hymns // Ginger //

Another Good News Friday is here.  We need this to counter the onslaught of bad news.  The Japanese have developed cafes and other places where silence is golden.  California is trying to do something about people being incensed by their TVs spying on them.  Attending church makes people happier and healthier.  Set time aside to learn hymns.  Ginger has been found to be more effective than many chemotherapy drugs.

Silent cafes attract solo Japanese in search of peace

AB-1116 Connected televisions

Calif. Bill to Keep Strangers from Using TV to Record Conversations Passes State Assembly – AB1116

Nature's Answer Ginger Rhizome, 90-Count

Young Japanese are embracing all things solitary, with silent cafes and solo weddings among an array of activities, products and services created to cater for a relationship-shy generation

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Peter York // Dictators // Style //

Peter and Katherine discuss the style that dictators have.  A testament to conspicuous consumption.  Peter explains the glitz that dictators seem to be driven to and why.  Take a look at these over the top palaces.  Amazing.

Dictator Style: Lifestyles of the World's Most Colorful Despot

Imelda Marcos' famous collection of 3,000 shoes partly destroyed by termites and floods after lying in storage in the Philippines for 26 years since she exiled

Ferdinand E. Marcos (wiki)

Presidential bling, Ukraine style: Peter York on Viktor Yanukovych's mansion

In pictures: Inside the palace Yanukovych didn't want Ukraine to see

10 Photos of President Mugabe’s Private Mansion in Zimbabwe

Where Concorde once flew: the story of President Mobutu's 'African Versailles'

Inside Mobutu's ruined jungle palace in DR Congo

Most ridiculous dictator palaces - slideshow

Palace of the damned dictator: On the trail of Ceausescu in Bucharest

Ceausescu Palace Rises As Monument To Greed


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Medicine // National Health Care // CS Lewis //

Katherine looks at the British national health care system and its unwillingness to provide timely treatment for ear infections or give access to life-saving drugs to save the lives of breast cancer patients. The bureaucratic government body that makes these decisions is unfittingly called "NICE" ("National Institute for Health and Care Excellence," formerly known as "National Institute forClinical Excellence"). This struck Katherine as ironic, since the demonic British bureaucracy that tried to take over humanity in C.S. Lewis' 1945 book, "That Hideous Strength," was also called "N.I.C.E." for the "National Institute of Coordinated Experiments." The new, real-life NICE was not named until 1999. Did the Brits not understand that they were inadvertently condemning themselves with that name?

Katherine discusses a group in England that wants the government to strip the patent for Kadcyla/TDM1 away from pharmaceutical company Roche, because NICE won't pay for it. If it is taken off patent, other companies can make it cheaply. This is the breast cancer drug Katherine helped trial in 2011 (one of 185 or so women), so she's got a vested stake in this. Katherine explains that removing the patent from a drug would be like "killing the goos that laid the golden egg" and lead us back in time to the 1500s.

NICE - Wikipedia

That Hideous Strength - N.I.C.E.

NICE home page

That Hideous Strength - by C.S. Lewis (Amazon)

Call for Britain to over-ride patents on Roche cancer drug

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Dr. Mordechai Kedar // Converting to Islam  //

Dr. Kedar joins Katherine from Israel to discuss why young people, particularly women, are converting to Islam.  Is it the burgeoning culture of immorality around the globe?  Girls being tired of being looked at as sex dolls?  They discuss issues within Islam and other cultures in the Middle East.  It is compounded by the tribalism of the peoples.  Democracy is not part of the culture.

Dr. Mordechai Kedar

Why are They Converting to Islam?

Military, judge agree on sexual misconduct problem, but not on how to solve it

Now video of half-naked female Israeli soldiers pole-dancing with a rifle emerges - days after racy pictures of women recruits posing with weapons in their underwear

Naughty Israeli soldiers post more cheeky pics after being disciplined for online snaps

Beautiful girls of the Israeli Army (31 Photos)

Dr. Mordechai Kedar

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Yoga // Meditation //

Katherine delves into the issues with yoga and mediation again.  Many do not realize it is dealing with another religion alien to us that we do not fully understand the consequences of.  A show to listen to.

Ancient practice of yoga now a growth industry

The Spiritual Deception of Yoga

Revealed: Meditation can trigger depression and anxiety, according to new research that claims practice can release traumatic memories and psychological issues

Kundalini Yogas FAQ

Is Yoga A Spiritual Practice? A Community Discussion

The Trouble with Yoga - A Catholic may practice the physical postures, but with caveats

Kundalinin and Qiqong Phychosis

Kundalini and Psychosis

The Dangers of Hypnotism

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*** Dr. Kevin Baird //

A to listen to show.  Kevin and Katherine deal with the attacks by government and others on our faith.

South Carolina Pastors Alliance

Idaho's gay marriage ban remains in state constitution


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