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Cancer Scan //

Katherine is estatic.  The battery of scans on Monday show she is cancer free.  Katherrine then explains in detail how the various machines operate and what information is gleaned from the results.  Katherine welcomes gratulations over this fantastic news.

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Transplants // Synthetic Blood and Organs // Personality Changes //

Not only heart transplants have problems with personality changes.  Additions and subtractions to the body imparts personality changes too.  What will happen when they start using synthetic blood?  Particularly when you consider the multitude of documented incidents of other body parts impact on people. Artificial/synthetic hearts are causing a lack of feeling in the recipients.  Personality traits have also been alleged with those recieving transfusions.  Gastric bypass surgery often leaves the patient with a different, and very irritable personality.  We should ponder the the millenial wisdom of the Bible.

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French SynCardia Total Artificial Heart patient, Frédéric Thiollet, enjoys a day in the park with a good friend. Thiollet has been out and about for over three years thanks to the Freedom portable driver that powers his SynCardia Heart.

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