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Good News Friday // Silent Rooms // Connected TVs // Hymns // Ginger //

Another Good News Friday is here.  We need this to counter the onslaught of bad news.  The Japanese have developed cafes and other places where silence is golden.  California is trying to do something about people being incensed by their TVs spying on them.  Attending church makes people happier and healthier.  Set time aside to learn hymns.  Ginger has been found to be more effective than many chemotherapy drugs.

Silent cafes attract solo Japanese in search of peace

AB-1116 Connected televisions

Calif. Bill to Keep Strangers from Using TV to Record Conversations Passes State Assembly – AB1116

Nature's Answer Ginger Rhizome, 90-Count

Young Japanese are embracing all things solitary, with silent cafes and solo weddings among an array of activities, products and services created to cater for a relationship-shy generation

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Peter York // Dictators // Style //

Peter and Katherine discuss the style that dictators have.  A testament to conspicuous consumption.  Peter explains the glitz that dictators seem to be driven to and why.  Take a look at these over the top palaces.  Amazing.

Dictator Style: Lifestyles of the World's Most Colorful Despot

Imelda Marcos' famous collection of 3,000 shoes partly destroyed by termites and floods after lying in storage in the Philippines for 26 years since she exiled

Ferdinand E. Marcos (wiki)

Presidential bling, Ukraine style: Peter York on Viktor Yanukovych's mansion

In pictures: Inside the palace Yanukovych didn't want Ukraine to see

10 Photos of President Mugabe’s Private Mansion in Zimbabwe

Where Concorde once flew: the story of President Mobutu's 'African Versailles'

Inside Mobutu's ruined jungle palace in DR Congo

Most ridiculous dictator palaces - slideshow

Palace of the damned dictator: On the trail of Ceausescu in Bucharest

Ceausescu Palace Rises As Monument To Greed


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RFID Tags //

The predictions made in Katherine's book Spychips are unfortunately coming true.  DHS wants to monitor your bathroom breaks?  Depiste their assertions, tracking does not prevent crime.  Question every time you are asked to be tracked or to show ID.  Why is a patient card no longer sufficient and they feel like they need to track everyone.  Why would a citizen need a photo ID for emergency treatment?  Thanks for the email from Jim.

Spychips (1st chapter for free)

DHS-Funded Spy Tag Knows When You Visit the Bathroom

RFID - Tag You're It

Durham college student’s business helping Homeland Security

RTLS (wiki)

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Requiring ID // Tracking // Lies // Mark of the Beast //

Katherine continues her discussion of the new push to show ID for everything.  Makers of tracking systems admit it is terrifying by they justify it.  Is it because they want the money?  It's not nice to lie - it can have surprising consequences.

PD: Man who gave fake name nabbed on another’s warrant, then his own


Katherine's Books - I Won't Take the Mark A Bible book and contract for children

I Won't Take the Mark: A Bible Book and Contract for Children

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http://www.st-georgescofe.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Star.jpg God // Death // Mark of the beast //

Katherine talks about the attributes of God and man's efforts to create life after death.

The Attributes of God

The Powers of God

2. The Power of God

New company claims they'll be able to RESURRECT THE DEAD by 2045

Google's project to 'cure death,' Calico, announces $1.5 billion research center

Google Is Launching A Company That Hopes To Cure Death

Bumpers for today's show

Keep off the Grass - Todd Snider
Fool - Donavon Frankenreiter
Don't Wait Too Long - Madeleine Peyroux

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http://www.st-georgescofe.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Star.jpgLee Rainie // Privacy //

What an amazing hour! Lee Rainie is the director of internet, science and technology research at Pew Research Center. Rainie is a co-author of Networked: The new social operating system and five books about the future of the internet that are drawn from the Center’s research.

Lee Rainie

Our Mission

The state of privacy in America: What we learned

Networked: The New Social Operating System

Photo of Lee Rainie

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