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Target // RFID // Spychips //

What Katherine has warned about for years is coming to pass - a roll out of the use of RFID tags by Target.  Katherine reminds us of how she became aware of this agenda when she crashed an insider meeting.  The implications are staggering.  Katherine explains how the RFID tags work at the retail level.  Thanks for the call from Jerry (NJ).

RFID: New Tag Technology Will Elevate Target’s Guest Experience

Target Announces Nationwide RFID Rollout

Target to roll out RFID price tags this year

Infographic that explains how RFID technology works

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RFID // Spychips // Source Tagging //

Katherine continues her discussion of the Spychips being rolled out by Target and its implications. Katherine talks about her and Liz's efforts to stop implimentation of RFID tagging and tracking.  Source tagging is explained.  Katherine calls for volunteers in Auburn Alabama to protest at Target against their announced RFID tagging implementation.

Is There A Tag In Your Bag?

RFID: New Tag Technology Will Elevate Target’s Guest Experience

Auburn University - News from the RFID Lab

Auburn University - Contact Us

Target Announces Nationwide RFID Rollout

Target to roll out RFID price tags this year

Denmark the first to ban cash

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Optics // Iris Scanners // Biometric Data //

Katherine ventured on the Drudge Report today to see what other talk show hosts would be featuring today.  So many stories involving the intersection of privacy and technology.  The auto focus camera.  Iris scanners.  Biometric detectors.  The evolution of the technology is growing in leaps and bounds.  Be wary of biometric data.  Iris scanners can hit you from across the room and they can be 'spoofed'.  Katherine recalls the jelly finger that can create a replica of your fingerprint.  Your walk and handwriting can be recognized from across the room.  Robots can even taste beer acurately.

042 Moon Musings - Experiment with new auto focus camera with zoom control (YouTube)

U.S. Holds On to Biometrics Database of 3 Million Iraqis

Your Local Cops Now Use Iraq’s Iris Scanners

Iris Recognition vs. Retina Scanning – What are the Differences?

Sarnoff Launches Next Generation IOM PassPort™ Walk-through Iris ID System

Iris Scanner Identifies a Person 40 Feet Away

These Iris scanners can now identify people from 40 feet away

Long-Range Iris Scanning Is Here

Reverse-Engineered Irises Look So Real, They Fool Eye-Scanners

Iris recognition – detecting cosmetic contact lenses… 

Drudge Report

NSA Tests Out Smartphones that Recognize Handwriting Motion

Robot Tongue Identifies The Correct Beer Every Time

Lens or no lens - will your biometric system be able to tell?

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Monty and Holly Christensen // Staying Together //

Monty and Holly share their testimony with Katherine.  Monty went through a tough time with addiction and other issues.  Holly stood by him but it required lots of effort.  After over 40 years together they have learned to love and appreciate each other.  Because of the time Monty spent in prison they have worked at helping and healing others.  Katherine asks that you consider donating to their mission.  They do not ask for funds but every bit will help those that need it the most.

Prison Impact Ministries

70x7 And Beyond

Katherine's May 28, 2013 Show With Monty

Prison Impact Ministries Donations - page coming soon - in the meantime use the following

Prison Impact Ministries ©2015
P.O. Box 7173 • Kalispell MT 59904 • 406.257.0385


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RFID // Tracking // Disney // Lexus // Facebook //

Katherine reminds us of how she had warned that RFID would be used for tracking in the name of convenience.  She relates the story of the Alston Towers theme park in the UK.  Disney has built upon this.  Now Lexus is using RFID in ads in Wired magazine.  Facebook is using acquisitons to get what it does not have.

Disney's ‘NextGen’ plan is expected cut wait times for rides and more

What is Disney Doing With RFID at its Theme Parks?

RFID-enabled Lexus Ad Debuts in Pages of Wired Magazine

Facebook sweeps up e-commerce talent by acquiring Tagtile

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Paul  Gautschi // Back to Eden // Organic Sustainable Farming //

What an enlightening hour!  Paul provides insight and direction in starting your own sustainable organic garden.  In a nutshell it is all about the cover.  It is low labor and high yield.  Watch his film - Back to Eden and listen to this hour.  Thanks to Jim Arnold who recommended this guest.  Thanks for the call from Jim in Washington and the email from a listener.

Back to Eden film

Over the Garden Fence: 'Back to Eden' teaches to mimic nature in our gardens


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Flooring // Toxins //

Katherine is redoing her floors and was floored by the toxicities in most flooring material and the considerations that one would need to take for health.  Thanks for the email from Jim.

Lumber Liquidators linked to health and safety violations

My Chemical Free House

Health and Environment

Toxicant and Disease Database

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Robert Lopez // Gay Parents //

Robert, as some one who has lived through 2 lesbian parents under the best of possible circumstances details his travails.  Then Robert talks to Katherine about those less fortunate and how it has destroyed many lives.  His book relates the stories of children that have suffered.

International Children's Rights

English Manif

Jephthah's Daughters: Innocent Casualties in the War for Family 'Equality'

Transgender Baltimore sex worker remembered by friends after being killed in NSA shooting

As His Wife Delivers Their Baby, LGBT Group Smears This Pro-Marriage Professor as International Criminal

Imagine 'Gay Marriage Reparations'

Gay Exceptionalism: The Disco On A Hill

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