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Pot // Lady Gaga // Lexmark printers //

A potpourri of issues today.

Middle School Students Arrested For Pot Edibles

Lady Gaga Foundation Spends More on Lawyers, Publicity and Consultants than on Charity

Review on Lexmark Printer Cartridges - 105XL is interchangeable with 100 and 100XL

Caution: Profanity - Don't Buy Lexmark Printers

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Julia Anguin // Internet Privacy // Dragnet Nation //

Julia joins Katherine to discuss internet privacy and what you can do to protect yourself while online.  Very timely and and a wealth of information.  If you want to protect yourself get and read Julia's book Dragnet Nation.

Julia Anguin

Privacy Tools

Digital Tracking

How the Stasi Spied on Social Networks

Dragnet Nation (Amazon)

Dragnet Nation cover art

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Hillary Clinton // Emails // Bush 41 // RFID Chips //

Are the leaders of our country out of touch?  Hillary has not driven for decades.  Bush 41 was surprised at a supermarket scanner.  Even their schools are out of reach.  Chips are being put in everything - and it is not safe to living beings.

Hillary Clinton: Last time I drove was 1996

The Bush 41 grocery scanner myth

Sidwell Friends School - Tuition and Fees

Chip Me Not

Microchip-Cancer Report - Scientific Evidence

Anti-Chipping Legislation

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Gordon Kelly // Windows 10 // Operating Systems // Privacy // Terms and Conditions //

Katherine and Gordon talk about Windows 10.  Gordon, as a long time technical reviewer was impressed with some aspects but had his jaw drop at the massive invasion of user privacy.  Windows 10 captures your files, keystrokes and voice comments.  Other operating systems can offer more privacy.  Terms and conditions have gotten out of hand - one even called for your first born.

Windows 10: Everything You Need To Know About The New Windows

Windows 10 Installs Automatically On Windows 7 And Windows 8

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Internet // Google // Gmail //

How did we get to this point of spying on us on the internet?  Katherine tells the story.  Edward Snowden confirmed that PGP works - it is just difficult to use which is why Katherine helped develop StartMail and StartPage.

Thirty-One Privacy and Civil Liberties Organizations Urge Google to Suspend Gmail

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Crystal Walker // Phoebe Walker // Desparate in DC //

Crystal and Phoebe discuss the Rachael Caning case with Katherine.  She sued her parents for support and high school and college tuition and living expenses.  Is she an abandoned daughter or a spoiled brat?  What do you do with a child that does not want to follow the household rules?  How about adult children suing parents for bad mothering?  The listeners weigh in.  Thanks for the call from MaryAnn (Austin) and the email from Ginny.  Read Crystal's and Phoebe's humerous delicate touch in addressing serious issues in their book Desparate in DC.

Rachel Canning, 'spoiled' New Jersey teen, goes home to parents

Adult children sue for bad mothering, get thrown out of court

Desparate in DC

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Good News Friday // Raw Milk // HowJSay // Carotenoids // Overdue Book //

Wow! It's another Good News Friday.  A small victory in an case dismissed against a farmer whose daughters were tricked into illegally selling milk.  Katherine used HowJSay to look up how to say carotenoid, which are in abundance in those with a healthy glow.  Humans (and animals) are able to tell those with a healthy glow from good nutrition versus a suntan.  It is never too late to return an overdue book - a retired soldier returned a book after 65 years.

Good News Friday Linklist - January 14, 2011

Raw milk farmer wins victory against county over 'illegal' sales


HowJSay - carotenoid

Eat your greens to improve your looks

Overdue book returned after 65 years

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Encore Presentation!

Reaching 100 //  Lynn Adler and Elsa Hoffman //

Lynn Adler, founder of the National Centenarian Awareness Project, shares the five traits most centenarians have in common and Elsa Hoffman shares stories from along her journey to 102 years of age.

National Centenarian Awareness Project

Elsa Brehm Hoffman

Centenarians:  The Bonus Years by Lynn Peters Adler, J.D. (Amazon)

Most babies born this century will live to 100

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