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Good News Friday // Natural Compounds// Message in a Bottle // Google Streetview Setback //

Its another Good News Friday!  Natural compounds are being shown to be helpful in a host of ways.  Chitosan from shells may help to remove radioactivity, banana peels are efficient water purifiers and have other uses, berries can reduce high blood pressure.  A message in a bottle from a 5 year old boy is found almost 25 years later.  Google has lost a battle with the court in Switzerland and must blur out faces and license plates.

Forest Byproducts, Shells May Be Key to Removing Radioactive Contaminants from Drinking Water

Banana Peels Get a Second Life as Water Purifier

Bioactive Compounds in Berries Can Reduce High Blood Pressure

Message in a Bottle Turns Up after 24 Years

Google Loses Swiss Court Battle Over Street View Privacy

Katherine's Show on How To Remove Street View Photos From Google - part 1

Katherine's Show on How To Remove Street View Photos From Google - part 2

Ehow - How to Remove Street View Photos From Google

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Diane Bish // Organ Music //

Diane regales us with stories of some of the very historic and famous organs she has had an opportunity to play.  Those played on by Bach, Handel, Mozart and the like.  Even though very old, these organs are very well maintained.

Diane Bish

Diane Bish - The Joy of Music (YouTube)

Diane Bish with the Joy of Music

Organ (music) - (wiki)

Milan Cathedral (wiki)

Viewing Gallery for Milan Cathedral Interior

File:20110724 Milan Cathedral 5299.jpg

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Drivers Licenses // Scanning //

Do you have any idea how much information they hoover off a scan of your Driver's License?  It is scary.  This is being done not only by the Government but also by stores and bars.  Katherine had her eyes opened wide when she returned from an overseas trip.  You do not have to be photographed on your return - just seek out a Customs Agent.  This appears to be just another way to whittle down some of our few remaining freedoms.  A show to listen to.

Katherine's October 6, 2010 Show on Driver's License scanning

Self-service kiosks help shorten U.S. custom lines at O'Hare and other US airports

CBP to Install Kiosks, Create Ready Lane for Faster Pedestrian Crossings at Busy California Border

Automated Passport Control (APC)

APC and Global Entry Kiosks

Passport kiosks reduce fliers' customs wait time

Global Entry and APC Kiosks, located at international airports across the nation, streamline the passenger's entry into the United States. Photo by James Tourtellotte

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Kevin Sabet // Marijuana // Smart Approaches //

Is this rush to legalization causing people to believe that marijuana is harmless?  Keven disabuses us of that and discusses with Katherine in detail the seven great myths about marijuana.  This is an information packed hour.

Kevin Sabet

Learn About Smart Approaches to Marijuana

Reefer Sanity: 7 Great Myths About Marijuana

Marijuana Edibles Blamed For Keystone Death

Reefer Sanity:  Seven Great Myths About Marijuana (PowerPoint)

Major National Poll Finds Support for Legalization Down 10% Since 2013

Resources for Smart Approaches about Marijuana

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DROID // DNA //  Global Brain //

Is integration of man with machine rapidly approaching?  Katherine discusses the creepy new DROID ad and how this is just one further step on the road.  Thanks for the call from Marsha and the email from Robin.

Verizon Commercial - Droid DNA "Hyper Intelligence" (YouTube)

Contest Winners:  Rename the smartphone

Todd Snider

Wanted: 'Adventurous woman' to give birth to Neanderthal man - Harvard professor seeks mother for cloned cave baby

Harvard Scientist Seeks Woman to Impregnate With Cavebaby

Tech mogul Sergey Brin spotted wearing his trendy Google Glasses on the New Your Subway (but what IS a man worth $17BILLION doing on public transport?)

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Ken Mansfield // Beatles // Apple Records //  Hollywood //

What an interesting and incredible hour.  Ken shares stories of his time in the music industry and the drugs, sex and rock 'n roll and his transformation.

Ken Mansfield (wiki)

Meet Ken Mansfield

Photography by Connie Mansfield

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Hibiscus Tea // PubMed // "I have nothing to hide" //

Kathering cautions us about making major changes in our diets without looking up the potential consequences.  To her horror, Katherine found that Hibiscus Tea can render males sterile.  Those claiming they have "nothing to hide" are in for a very rude awakening.  Katherine explains why.

Contraceptive Effects of Hibiscus Rosa

PubMed Search - Hibiscus Sperm

Effect of extract of Hibiscus on the ultrastructure of the testis in adult mice.

Antispermatogenic and androgenic activities of various extracts of Hibiscus rosa sinesis in albino mice.


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Ressurrection Graves // Homelessness // Sexual Abuse //

Ressurrection and Katherine talk about the relationship of homelessness and sex trade work to childhood sexual abuse.  The statistics are stunning and very eyeopening.

Ressurrection Graves

Glory Soldiers Global

Does God Forgive Child Molesters?

What To Do If Your Husband Or Boyfriend Is Sexually Abusing Your Child

15 Minute Consultaion

Child Sexual Abuse Statistics

Child Sexual Abuse

The Long - Term Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Counseling Implications

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