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Cold // Fireworks // Organs //

Baby its cold outside.  In the colder climes make sure you salt and sand for traction.  Katherine tells of her fun with New Years fireworks.  It is not organ donation but organ theft.  We are the body parts, the elite are to be saved.  Look at the difference in treatment between Michael Schumacher and Jahi McMath.  You have to be alive to have your organs harvested.

Formula One icon Michael Schumacher in medically-induced coma after suffering head injury in skiing accident

F1 Legend Michael Schumacher suffers head injury in skiing crash

Ferrari F1 team send best wishes to Michael Schumacher as testing begins in Jerez

Tonsil surgery tragedy: Teen declared brain dead after routine tonsil sugery

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Lenore Skenazy // Cohousing // Knives //

As always, an interesting and entertaining hour with Lenore.  Cohousing has some fabulous aspects but also downsides.  When would you let your child use a kitchen knife?

Free Range Kids

Rosmarins Bungalow Colony

At what age should you let a child handle a kitchen knife to help with food prep?

Totin' Chip

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Fall // LSD // 1960's //

Katherine had a fall on the ice and is fine now.  She has been reading LSD My Problem Child and talks about the discovery and development of LSD.  The use seems to coincides with the bad stuff that happened in the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's.  Did they bring demons back with them?  Did it really result in creativity? Another book to look at is What the Dormouse Said.  Thanks for the email from Laurie S.

Albert Hofmann (wiki)

History of lysergic acid diethylamide (wiki)

Ergot (wiki)

LSD My Problem Child

What the Dormouse Said (wiki)

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Dr. M.G. Michael // Revelations // End Times // Mark of the Beast //

A thoughtful, insightful hour with noted theologian Dr. Michael to discuss the meaning and importance of Revelations, End Times and the Mark of the Beast.  Thanks for all the emails including the one from Leo and the call from Ralph (MI).

MG Michael

M.G. Michael blog

Selected Works of M.G. Michael

What is the Apocalypse?

Revelation 13:16-18 (King James Version)

Sharon Singers

Sharon Singers - God is With Us album

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