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Wired House // Wired Life //

We are heading at a breakneck speed towards a wired house and a wired life.  Do we need a house that responds to every thing - at the expense of any privacy?  Do we need devices to record our TV shows if we doze off?

Evan Spiegel wanted to cry after Sony hack exposed Snapchat's game plan

AT&T Enters the World of Home Automation

Wristband notices when you fall asleep and records your TV show

Eye on the Living Room: How Dropcam Makes Surveillance Feel Safe

Peeping into 73,000 unsecured security cameras thanks to default passwords

Touring AT&T Digital Life - Personalized Home Security and Automation Demo (YouTube)

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Ben Grubb // Metadata //

Ben asks Katherine why he cannot get his metadata while spies can.  He discusses his trials and tibulations in his efforts to force his telecom company to cough up the metadata.  As an Australian technology journalist, he discusses current cutting trends, including the police equating downloading a Facebook photo to theft of a TV.

Ben Grubb

The Sydney Morning Herald

Journalist arrested at IT security conference

Facebook 'break-ins': police say receiving photos like taking stolen TVs

Digital Life - Ben Grubb's articles in The Sydney Morning Herald

Fairfax journalist Ben Grubb.

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