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Nano Spychips // DARPA // Apple // StartPage //

Do you have that feeling that a big storm is about to hit?  Perhaps that is why there is such a reaction to the article by Bob Unruh of World Net  Daily where he interviewed Katherine about DARPA soliciting proposals for nano Spychips to be injected into soldiers.  Katherine discusses how this technology is coming closer to being implemented.  Some technology fans such as Apple diehards might applaud this, but Katherine cautions us.  A world opens of what may be coming at us in the future when you look at DARPA's RFP and MOT solicitations.  Do not go directly to the site.  Use the StartPage proxy.  Katherine gives some search tips.  Thanks for the insights on DARPA from caller Allan from TX.

U.S. Military Developing Spychips for Soldiers

"Super-Soldiers" Fight Disease With Bionic Implants

DARPA (wiki)


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KMA's Evolution // Apple //

Katherine talks about her start on the activist path and her evolution with the changing technology.  Katherine also delves into the reach and size of Apple.  Thanks for the call from Jan in Denmark.

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Just How Big Is Apple?

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