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Good News Friday // Snowden // Ants // Caterpillars // Coral // Kidnapping //

It is another glorious Good News Friday!  Edward Snowden has had a crayfish named for him.  There seems to be an ant invasion this year.  Katherine provides tips for dealing with them and then notes that caterpillars have their own way of turning ants into slaves.  Please be careful with coral.  It could poison you.  A man saw a couple at a bus stop that did not look right.  He ended up averting a kidnapping.

NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Gets a Crayfish Named After Him

In the insect world, populations are enslaved by sugary snacks to alter brain chemistry and make them OBEY

13 natural remedies for the ant invasion

Suspected Palytoxin Inhalation Exposures Associated with Zoanthid Corals in Aquarium Shops and Homes — Alaska, 2012–2014

Beautiful Corals in Home Aquariums Can Poison You

Handling Zoanthids - Some Zoanthids Produce a Deadly Toxin

He Walks By Arguing Couple And Sees the Fear in Her Eyes. That’s When He Offers to Buy Them Tickets

Cherax snowden

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Jim Milligan // Blue Letter Bible //

Jim is a guest that Katherine has been trying to get on for ages.  Jim and Katherine discuss the history of the Blue Letter Bible site including the origin of the name and some cool tips and tricks for maximizing the information you get from the site.

Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible Advertising Opportunities

Pastor Jim Milligan

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China // Ghost Cities // After-Life // Rumors // Lies //

Katherine revisits and updates the story of ghost cities in China.  China is one of two countries with massive consumption of cement and concrete.  What are these ghost cities really for?  One man has threatened to have his Bentley buried with him so he can drive in the after-life.  China has started arresting people for spreading "rumors".  Denying motherhood to correct spoiled behaviour?

Brazilian Man's Plan to Bury His Bentley Proves to be an Ingenious Publicity Stunt [w/Video]

China teen arrested for controversial crime of spreading rumors online

'I'm not your real mother' - Chinese mother lies to daughter to encourage independence

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Oliva Metcalf // Video Games // Addiction //

Olivia shares insights from her research into video gaming addiction.  A must listen show.

Olivia Metcalf

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Schools //

Are schools an authoritarian conditing system?  It seems so from the stories hitting the press. In the Belleville school system a highly rated and tenured teacher was suspended simply for answering student questions about the new surveillance system. That was not the only problem with the surveillance system.  Another teacher was locked into a bathroom by the system and could only get help at the end of the school day.

Why Do We Need Tenure? Ask Belleville's Teachers

Expensive New School Security System Traps Teacher in Bathroom

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Mark Bauerlein // Dumbest Generation // Nomophobia //

Mark and Katherine discuss the impact of electronic devices on kids today and how it is rendering them into the dumbest generation ever.  Fear of being without your cell phone?  Going to sleep with your phone instead of a teddy bear.

Dumbest Generation

The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future(Or, Don't Trust Anyone Under 30) - (Amazon)

The biggest phobia in the world? 'Nomophobia' - the fear of being without your mobile - affects 66 per cent of us

Rise of 'nomophobia': More people fear loss of mobile contact

A Study to Evaluate Mobile Phone Dependence Among Students of a Medical College and Associated Hospital of Central India


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