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Good News Friday //

EPIC Testifies on Student Privacy before California State Assembly

Encrypted Web Traffic More Than Doubles After NSA Revelations

Grow a Garden from Garbage: 5 Plants to Grow from Food Scraps

How to Grow Celery From Kitchen Scraps

Lily Allen rejected Game of Thrones role because of 'too much incest' with brother

Ditch the Toxic Sunscreen; Use Coconut Oil Instead

Sweet Potato Vines

How to Grow Sweet Potoes in Pots or Containers

California Senate passes bill to pull the plug on illegal NSA spying, 29-1

California bill would safeguard consumers’ rights to criticize firms online

Minnesota becomes first state to ban triclosan, controversial ingredient in antibacterial soaps

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Jeremy Allen Smith // Greater Good // Gratitude // Happiness //

Greater Good

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Food Fraud // Toxic Treats // Gutter Oil // Swindling //

It is epidemic and is also killing our 4 footed family members.  Pet treats from China has been implicated in the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of our furry friends.  Unfortunately that is only the tip of the iceberg.  It is a practice to 'hoover' grease from the gutters and sewer systems and use it to make food.  Yuck!  Is it due to a culture of swindling?

Petco to stop selling pet treats made in China

Food Fraud

New research reveals food ingredients most prone to fraudulent economically motivated adulteration

Olive oil and milk among top ingredients used in 'food fraud'

As Chinese seafood exports rise, so do contamination fears

China Is Full Of Nasty Food Practices, Like Reselling Discarded KFC On The Street

Food Safety in China: Deliberate Tampering, Whistleblowers and Organic for the Party Elite

Chinese gutter oil producer jailed for life

This Video Of Chinese Street Food Made From 'Gutter Oil' Is The Most Disgusting Thing You Will See All Day

Why Can't China Make Its Food Safe?

The Constantly Updated List of Adulterated Food and Drugs

Food Safety In China (pdf)

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Paul Bauer // Linux // Unbuntu // Security //

Paul and Katherine discuss safer and more secure operating system alternatives to Microsoft.  A wealth of information here.  For those starting out for the first time try Unbuntu.  When you are experienced experiment with other 'flavors' of Linux such as Linux Mint.


Is Linux really malware safe ? Or people just don't bother creating them for Linux?

Linux malware (wiki)


Linux Mint

Linux Mint Download

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Banks //

Is it our cash?  Do banks have to return it upon demand?  Katherine addresses these and ohter issues.  Thanks for the call from Jim (Seattle) and the email from Karen.

Are banks right not to give us our cash?

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Chips // Enhanced ID // Google //

Where else are they looking to put chips and are they safe?  Ohio has now joined the enhanced driver license states.  Google wants to put ads everywhere.  Thanks for the email from Dave M.

Microchips in our passports and credit cards: Are they safe?

How wireless charging works

'Enhanced ID' bill passes House committee

Google S.E.C. Filing Says It Wants Ads In Your Thermostat and Car

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Kill Switch // Fitness Tracking //

A kill switch is not a good idea for us.  The only ones pushing this is the government.  Katherine discusses other implications of a kill switch.  Another trend fraught with privacy invasion implications are the new fitness tracking apps.  Get a load of the new privacy policy for moves-app after it was acquired.

Why a “Kill Switch” Isn’t the Answer (pdf)

Minnesota passes nation’s first smartphone ‘kill switch’ law

Privacy advocates warn of ‘nightmare’ scenario as tech giants consider fitness tracking


Moves-app privacy policy

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Benjamin Mako Hill // Privacy // Google // Gmail // Linux // Ubuntu // GPS //

What an amazing hour.  Mako and Katherine talk all things electronic and privacy.  Nothing is private with Google or Gmail.  Linux and Ubuntu are much better than windows.  GPS can have some very interesting errors - such as sending people to Lourde unstead of Lourdes.

Benjamin Mako Hill

Revealing Errors

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'Smart' TV // 1984 // Sponsors //

When it says 'smart' it is spying on you.  The new Panasonic TV is worse than 1984.  Listen to the selection Katherine read to us.  McDonalds it putting its advertising dollars behind some vile shows.  Let such sponsors know that you object.

Panasonic’s new 4K TVs will see you when you’re sleeping, know when you’re awake

Selection from 1984

McDonald's: Win Back Our Trust

Panasonic Life+ Screen

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Melissa Henson // Parents Television Council //

Katherine and Melissa discuss the CBS show "Friends With Better Lives".

Parents Television Council

Take Action

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