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Risk Exposure // Google's "Privacy" // Tips for Internet Surfing //

Wow. How could CVS give kids breast cancer medication instead of their prescribed fluoride pills?  The same CVS that wants to monitor your pill taking.  Katherine talks about Google's "Privacy" (NOT) policy, the data being collected into the world's most massive database, and the implications for you.   Google now owns travel services and the company that maintains the no-fly list.  Katherine provides tips to help protect your privacy while on-line. Deleting off of Google only ends your access - Google still has it in their database.  Look at your Google history - log into your account and then type in  Just get off your Google habit if you want ANY privacy.

NJ CVS Mixed up Cancer Meds With Kids' Fluoride

Six Tips to Protect Your Search Privacy




How to Use the Internet in Stealth Mode

Recording Everything: Digital Storage as an Enabler of Authoritarian Governments (pdf)

How to remove your Google Web Data History

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Steve  Skidmore // Endless Fraud Detection // Mortgage Fraud //

Katherine and Steve talk about the frauds that permeates the entire mortgage industry and the foreclosures being conducted.  Steve refers to Judge Rondolino's comment that "I really honestly do not have any confidence that any of the documents that the Courts are receiving in these mass foreclosures are valid"  Steve gives examples of such fradulent documents which cloud the title on property and how they research to uncover such fraud. Endless Fraud Detection has a great description on their website.  Since their reports are from a properly licensed expert, they can be used by attorneys to contest foreclosures.  For further understanding, The Law by Frederic Bastiat published in 1850 was recommened.

Endless Fraud Detection

The Law by Frederic Bastiat (translation into English)

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