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Cats // GPS // Texting //

Katherine shares some stories about her cat and a product - Feliway - that helped calm her cat and eliminate problems.  Blindly following technology can be hazardous.  GPS and texting have tons of examples of this.



Whoops! Driver follows GPS directions right into the ocean

Woman who fell off pier after texting while walking shares her story

Hour 2 ( Download the MP3 )

Cash Mobs // Andrew Sanjoy // Ku Yoo //

Flash Mobs are so yesterday, Cash Mobs are the way to go.  It is International Cash Mob Day!  Buy local with cash.  Katherine talks with Andrew Sanjoy in the first half of the show about what he did to start national Cash Mobs.  In the second half Ku Yoo joins Katherine to talk about the Cash Mob he set up in Boston and what it took to do so.

Cash Mobs

‘Cash Mobs’ Give A Boost To Locally Owned Stores

Cash Mobs Near You

Boston Cash Mob

A resource for planning a local Cash Mob

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