First, here is info on the amazing TM copper depletion trial I am on:

Next, because so many people have been asking, here are the supplements I took during my own course of chemo and radiation treatments. The first two continue to be at the core of my wellness program, and the others are supplemental.

CORIOLUS VERSICOLOR mushroom pills, hot water extract (very important), four 600mg pills per day (2 in the AM, 2 in the PM, with food) for restoring immune function during and after chemo. I took coriolus faithfully through chemo and plan to continue taking it for the rest of my life.
(Mushroom Science gave me a coupon code "katherine" or "COAST" you can use to get a free book on medicinal mushrooms.)

See for the amazing research they're doing at MD Anderson and elsewhere. I take Jarrow brand "Curcumin 95," three 500 mg capsules with lunch, but as far as I am aware, any brand will do. It's fat soluble, so eat it with a meal. Eating black pepper with your meal helps curcumin work better, or you can buy a supplement that has black pepper right in the capsule with the curcumin. I plan to continue taking curcumin daily for the rest of my life.

MILK THISTLE for liver function during chemo
(This is not something I would take daily after chemo is finished.)

CoQ10 for liver function and general health
(MD Anderson is currently studying CoQ10 with cancer patients.

HAWTHORN for heart function (especially since the A/C and Herceptin-based part of my chemo regimen could have potentially damaged my heart)

RESVERATROL for protecting healthy cells during radiation and potentiating the effects of the radiation against cancer cells

MAGNESIUM for good sleep

ACETYL L-CARNITINE to counter pain and the neuropathy effects of Taxotere (or Taxol) chemotherapy

BOSWELLIA (Frankincense) for its protective effects
(See: for more)

HOLY BASIL for its anti-cancer and tonic effects

(recommended by my oncologist and general practitioner)

A LOW DOSE MULTI-VITAMIN made from natural, food-based sources

As you know, I am NOT a medical doctor (I have a doctorate in Education and Human Development / Psychology from Harvard), so nothing I say constitutes medical advice, or even advice at all. This is just what I took and why, after doing lots of research.

Please check with your doctor before taking any of these supplements yourself or administering them to others.

Please also note that because many supplements use the same metabolic pathways as chemo, I stopped taking everything but vitamins during the 24 hours before and the 72 hours after each chemo infusion.

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  • Andrea
    4 years, 3 months ago - Reply - Link

    Hi Katherine,

    Hope you're still your incredibly "up" self and stickin it to the man! Thanks to your mention of the copper chelating trial you're currently involved with, I asked my oncologist to order a serum copper level on me. He hadn't heard of the possible link between elevated copper levels and aggressive breast cancers. So...thanks!

    I put a lot of questions to him at our last visit and he wrote down notes and sent them to the pharmacists, two of whom came to see me with information during my session yesterday. My oncologist is fully aware that with my triple negative metaplastic tumor that my post-treatment options through the medical machine are nil, so is amazed at the information I've found on my own. As I'm feeling incredibly awesome after my 3rd of 6 treatments, I have a lot of time to scour for some good news. There isn't much but there is SOME!

    After radiation I will endeavor to find a great naturopath here to guide me through supplementation, etc and one that will hopefully be able to order bloodwork to check progress. I'm not simply going to wait for it to come back.

    Cornell may be possible for me after conventional treatment as I plan to cash in my retirement savings plans. Not pessimistic, just realistic. First...a trip to Italy next spring to heal my soul and then back to attack mode.

    God bless and thank you for being part of my journey even though you don't know who the h*ll I am lol.


  • Devon
    4 years, 2 months ago - Reply - Link

    While I find the issues of your intelligent handling of cancer treatment somewhat more informed, I find the very idea of you utilizing Chemo terribly astranged from the use of other therapies. Why would you utilize Chemo? I think you may find there is quite alot of information you are not hearing on treatments far superior and less destructive courses, such as H202, extreme heat and vitamin therapy. Germany has far greater results with erradicating cancer in far shorter time spans than the near death "curative" chemotherapy treatments. The H2o2 Medical community is not some side closet or back of the van operation in the States, indeed it is a very large population worldwide " International Oxidative Medicine Association IOMA". I am glad you mention chelation at least, as this is of major importance within such therapies. Removing the metals imbedded within the vascular walls as well as the destructive basal cell like formations for both cholesterol and cystic formations within the body is of paramount importance(but as well must accompany vital regimented mineral supplements as well). I urge you to look into "Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 Medical Miracle - William Campbell Douglass, MD (2003) Book", as well as the aforementioned methodology of the extreme heat and high vitamin injections therapy utilized in Germany. Another bit of equipment finding a lot more traction of late is the Bemer, which I suggest you research as well. Best of luck to you and long life, thank you for your platform and work, its nice to see someone working against the defilers and liars that make up so much untruth in our reality and their destructive forces.

    P.S. Im sure you have heard of the Gerson Therapy from Dr. Max Gerson, did you know he was actively denied any right to speak of their use of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide utilizations at their institute? You should do some research, its very illuminating. Especially when you take into account buying such things.. is now considered a watched item by our lovely government, as some potential terrorist bomb making item. And now .. its pressure cookers as well.. *rolls eyes*


  • Russ S.
    4 years, 1 month ago - Reply - Link

    Hi Catherine,

    Just in case you are not aware of how profoundly vitamin D can effect breast cancer here is a link to some very informative vids on how vitamin D prevents cancer: "How Vitamin D Reduces Incidence of Cancer: DINOMIT Model": . If that peaks your interest, here is a more in-depth presentation: . There are a lot more links I can give you if you want. Dr. Garland is one of the leading epidemiologists on vitamin D and cancer.



  • Ann
    3 years, 12 months ago - Reply - Link

    Incredible, Katherine! I will be sharing with other friends who are in chemo right now what you are taking. Have you considered trying Juice Plus+? It contains many of the beneficial phytonutrients, including resveratrol in the vineyard blend. And it is food, well researched (including a recent clinical study at MD Anderson on stage IV ovarian cancer patients) and tested 5 times before it is put into a capsule or chewable.

  • sgt donald rutledge
    3 years, 7 months ago - Reply - Link

    Dr. im currently going thru stage 4 colon cancer, you are an inspiration for me snd I appreciate how you present information both on radio and television, I wish we had more outstanding Americans as yourself, with all dues respect

  • Deb
    2 years, 5 months ago - Reply - Link


    My name is Deb Pedro, I live Belgium. My mother was diagnosed of stomach cancer and she have done many chemotherapy and it did not work, the cancer keeps returning. My brother who works in the clinic told me about cannabis oil and its curing effect. I purchased the cannabis oil from UK by emailing and they gave me instructions on how to use the cannabis oil for the treatment of stomach cancer. After using the oil for the duration of time given, my mother was totally free from cancer but i was advised she takes the oil continuously to maintain good health and reduce high blood pressure. I am so happy now that my mother is free from cancer and if you are suffering from cancer, cannabis oil is the only natural remedy to cancer and stop wasting money and time on chemotherapy and radiation.

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